“Hageman Ranch: Colorado Private-Property Big Game Hunting”

Embark on an extraordinary hunting adventure at Hageman Ranch, a 400-acre private haven nestled in the heart of Northwestern Colorado’s breathtaking Routt County near Oak Creek. Owned and managed by the experienced George W. Hageman, this exclusive property offers a unique blend of tranquility and excitement for avid mule deer and elk hunters.

Key Features:

  1. Exclusive Non-Guided Hunts: Immerse yourself in the thrill of do-it-yourself, non-guided hunts amidst 400 acres of diverse terrain, including open fields, sage, scrub oak, and aspen forests. The ranch’s commitment to limiting the number of hunters to just 4 ensures an abundance of game and maximizes your chances of a successful hunt.
  2. Prime Archery Hunting: In 2024, Hageman Ranch will exclusively cater to archery enthusiasts, elevating your hunting experience with the challenge and skill that bow hunting brings.
  3. Spectacular Location (Area 131): Located in Northwestern Colorado, Routt County, near Oak Creek, the ranch sits atop an isolated, high ridge offering awe-inspiring views of Northern Colorado and nearly into Wyoming, 40 miles away. Surround yourself with the beauty of nature while capturing memories through stunning photographs.
  4. Diverse Terrain: Navigate through open fields and dense forests, each providing the ideal backdrop for your mule deer and elk pursuits. The varied landscape ensures that every hunter can find their perfect spot, tailored to their specific license needs.
  5. Accessibility: While the ranch recommends 4-wheel drive vehicles for reaching the location, the use of ATVs is permitted for game retrieval, especially if your harvest is located off marked roads.

Reservation Details:

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